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My work investigates memories and how the changes in our lives create new ones, good or bad. Change is an inevitable fact in everyone’s life. Moving, immigration and death are some examples of significant changes; in my artwork, the intention is to explore my feelings of displacement. My current focus probes into the memories of places where people have lived; places that they left for different reasons. Displacement and immigration are universal subjects that I am looking at it through the lens of my personal observations. While my experience is unique and particular, it also has commonalities with others who have immigrated. I am interested in the memories of absent spaces and missing objects, whether they are lost to us as a result of growing up, moving or even death, and how these reflect the changes in our lives.

My research and creation processes jump back and forth from my personal or family memories to more extensive subjects. As someone of Middle Eastern background living in Canada, my good childhood memories tied with the bad ones; the collective trauma of living under the current repressive regime of Iran, However Memories of places we have lived before make it hard to settle down elsewhere yet we continue and are constantly making new memories.

Photo credit: Xiao Han

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