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I am Negar Tajgardan. I can remember sometime when I was a kid I liked to become a vet, and sometime I liked to be a dubbing artist, or even for some time I wanted to have a collection of erasers! I even gathered some erasers too…
I gradually changed, my wishes changed. Did I change and they changed or did they change and I changed?!
The change left all the wishes half way through, and now lots of unachieved wishes that I was seeking once. A closet full of odds and ends. Lots of clothes for which I have no desire to put on anymore. The vet that I don’t like to become or the collection of erasers that I don’t want to have anymore.
Nonetheless, sometimes I am tempted to try on one of these clothes again.

Photo Credit: Nafiseh Mighani
Dangling wishes: Gallery
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